CJ Meets Suzanne From Calotren After 21 Years
Imagine if you'd known someone for over 21 years but had never met them. Calotren, a weight loss supplement, has sponsored the KTDY Morning Show for over 21 years. Just about every week for the past 21 years, I've spoken with a Calotren representative on the phone during the KTDY Morning…
On The KTDY Sailaway Bernadette Lee Played Drums On Stage, Funny
It was so wonderful having Bernadette Lee come with us on the KTDY Cruise to Bermuda this year. She is so funny, so talented and just a super fun lady. This year, she played the drums for everyone. There's only one thing wrong with that senerio, she doesn't know how.
Exclusive Videos From KTDY Cruise 2019
The KTDY Sailaway 2019 was very special. We started in New York, boarded Royal Caribbean's newest techno ship Anthem of the Seas in Cape Liberty, New Jersey, then sailed to Bermuda. This trip felt like it lasted a month and there was so much to do and see.
One Of Many Stunning Sites From Recent KTDY Trip To Bermuda
I have been very blessed to go on many KTDY trips with thousands of wonderful people from Acadiana and beyond. We've taken planes, ships, trains, trams, taxis, buses, ferry-boats, regular boats, if it moves, we've used it. All except one have been through Travel Machine in Lafayette. Th…
CJ's Daughter Hailing New York Cab, Hilarious
The recent KTDY Sailaway started with a two night stay in New York's Times Square. From there we traveled to Cape Liberty New Jersey to board the ship. All of our guests had a wonderful time in New York including a private fabulous dinner at famed Carmines in the heart of Times Square. I was…

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