A Trio Of 30% Off Offers From Seize The Deal!
True You, Inc.: $350 for a $500 Laser Removal Treatment for arms, bikini, upper, or lower legs. (30% off!)
Dynasty Chinese Restaurant:  $17.50 for $25 towards delicious Chinese food (30% off!)
La Spiaggia:  $21 towards a 30 minute Swedish massage (30% off!) ...
Miss World: No Bikini Competition
The 2013 "Miss World" competition will be held in Indonesia, and official with the pageant have announced, due to strong Muslim influence, the swimsuit portion of the competition will not feature bikinis.
CJ's Skin Secret
My secret to healthy skin, is not really so secret.  After all, it's cheap and you can usually find it in the cooking oil section of just about any grocery store.

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