UFOs Over Lafayette
From time to time I'll come across videos showing strange lights in the sky over Acadiana. I've even taken one of these videos myself. I just came across this video, filmed about 3 weeks ago, showing a huge cluster of lights hovering and moving in the night sky over Lafayette. This is the …
What Is This?
A video is going viral showing what appears to be a giant sea creature in the ocean off the coast of Antarctica by Google Earth. Did someone finally "awaken the Kraken"?
Louisiana UFOs
Lafayette and Acadiana are no strangers to what may or may not be UFO sightings. What the heck are these strange lights people keep getting video of floating around in the skies over Cajun country? A video I personally took is included in this of "Five Times People Saw UFOs Over Lafayette And …
3 New Planets
An international team of scientists have discovered 3 new planets that could support alien life.  We may not be the only ones after all.
Did UFOs Appear Over Brooklyn and San Francisco?
We're already convinced that aliens exist, so it's not like we need any further proof. But these clips of identical UFOs hovering in the sky over Brooklyn and San Francisco blew us away. All hail our alien overlords! (The videos are a bit NSFW, by the way, due to some UFO-inspired pot…