- Jan Risher

Given all the wintry, rainy weather we've had this week, I've wanted nothing more than to stay snuggled in bed each morning. In my perfect world, after I slept late while the rain fell, then I would have loved to have moved to a cozy, comfy chair beside the fire.

In fact, I'd look forward to a day with no real obligations and the chance to sitting by the fire reading or watching Downton Abbey or some other period drama about as much as I'd look forward to taking a trip to a warmer, sunnier, drier climate.

Speaking of period dramas, if you're looking for a good winter night's Netflix recommendation, try the mini-series, Pillars of the Earth. It's follow-up series, World Without End, recently became available on Netflix too. Starz produced the mini-series, and the results are to be commended. While getting all the plot twists of the book in the mini-series would be impossible, they series does a great job of capturing the spirit and story of the book.

If you liked Eddie Redmayne's performance in Les Miserables, chances are high that you'll appreciate his performance in Pillars of the Earth even more. All in all, it's a great program based on one of my favorite books of all-time.

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