Who's ready?

A strong cold front may be approaching south Louisiana by next week and we are waiting for it with open arms.

Models indicate that the cold front should be here by mid-week and we'll certainly feel the change in temperatures by Thursday night and into Friday morning on September 24th.

Not only do we need a break from the warm/humid air, but cool fronts at this time of the year are always in our favor as the tropics warm up.

So yes, we are officially under "Gumbo Watch" and we hope that the weather models stay consistent as we enter next week.

How cool will it get? Well, here's what we know so far. Just brace yourself for some very pleasant weather to end next week.


And for the record, I am not the only one issuing a "Gumbo Alert."  Our friend Scott Pilie has also issued his own "Watch" for next week.



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