Photo: Steve Wiley

I love weekends because they allow for easing into the day, and I can play in the kitchen. I decided to make a bacon cheeseburger omelet.


6 eggs, 4 strips bacon 1/2 lb. ground round, 1/2 cup C'est Tout trinity mix, a little Tony Chachere's, some Tabasco Sriracha, 2 slices colby jack cheese.

I browned the ground beef in a skillet, adding the trinity mix, and seasoned with some "Tony's". While that was cooking, I trimmed most of the fat from the bacon, and microwaved it for about 4 minutes, then crumbled it into the cooking beef. I broke 6 eggs into a skillet, topping them with the cheese, and some Sriracha. I added the beef & bacon mixture, and proceeded like you would with any other omelet. Serve with a couple slices mulyi-grain bread, buttered with real butter. Yes, it serves more than one person.

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