Sprint has petitoned The Federal Communications Comission to block AT&T's prposed acquisition of T-Mobile, contending the Merger is not in the best interest of the public.  AT&T currently is ranked last among major wireless providers in customer satisfaction, and contends they need T-Mobile's infrastructure to upgrade the quality of its service.


While I was watching a report about this over my morning coffe, I picked up my AT&T iphone, and attempted to log onto Facebook only to find I had no service.

AT&T announced in November  2008, it was qcquiring Centennial Wireless. They were ultimately required to divest 8 Centennial markets, 5 to Verizon, including Lafayette, La.  AT&T remains the nation's #2 carrier behind Verizon/ Alltell. The Louisiana Public Utilities Comission is reportedly investigated the proposed deal.

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