Get ready for another Louisiana 'reality' show.

I should rephrase that: Get ready for another Louisiana reality show that doesn't accurately depict who we are to the rest of the world.

If you're tired of all of your non-Louisiana friends asking you about alligators in your backyard or if you really travel boat, you're probably going to hate this show—especially if you were born and or raised in New Orleans.

The first trailer for Bravo reality show "Southern Charm New Orleans" has dropped and to say feedback has been mixed is an understatement. The cast features a mixture of NOLA personalities including WGNO "News With A Twist" personality Tamica Lee, artist Jon Moody, former Saints football player Jeff Charleston and others.

Bravo TV
Bravo TV

The one glaring issue I immediately noticed was that no one had a signature New Orleans accent. The closest thing to it may be from Reagan, the wife of Jeff Charleston, who claimed her family had been in New Orleans "since the 1700s.

Of course, we couldn't get through three minutes of a New Orleans reality show trailer without hearing the words "booze," "boobs," and "Big Easy."

I could be totally wrong, but if that is any indicator, we're probably in for a face-palming hot mess when the show premieres on April 15 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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