Here's an offering of inspirational songs for the Shunick family and for your own.

Mickey Shunick could have been anyone's daughter.  I can't even remotely comprehend what this family has gone through and continues to go through on a daily basis.

In light of the recent news that a body has been found, whether it's that of Mickey Shunick or not, tomorrow morning Debbie Ray and I will have a citywide moment of silence on 99.9 FM and for the Shunick family.  A moment where we can all say a silent prayer wherever you are or if that's not your thing, maybe you can just cast a beacon of light toward this family to help guide them through this very dark time in there lives.

We hope to have the moment of silence sometime between 7am and 8am.  I have reached out to the Shunick family to join us in the studio.

God Bless Mickey Shunick, the Shunick family and all families in our community affected by this tragedy.






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