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Honey Harvest
Honey harvested "out of season" can often be bitter, but we lucked out this time.
I'm Losing Weight, And Here's How I'm Doing It
I've never been clinically overweight (good genes, I guess), but I haven't had a healthy body since I was in the military. (That is NOT me in the pic, btw; it's just a stock photo)
My issue with my weight isn't about being overweight, it's about having fat where I don't …
Best. Obit. Ever.
Uncommon obituaries like these should be much more common, as I think we put way too much emphasis on the living when mourning than we do on "living".
5 Things Everyone Should Have
There are some things in this world that many people would love to own: their dream car, their dream home, a monkey, and then there are some things in this world that everyone should own.
My Rose Bushes Are About To Explode
My rose bushes haven't bloomed in about 5 years. Look at them now!
I had been trimming them each season like the internet says, and they haven't bloomed since. This year, I decided to leave them alone, and look at them. Just look at them!...