Okay, you've filed a claim with your insurance, registered with Fema, and received notification that some of your possessions aren't covered. Fema's mission is not that of restoring your home to the way it was before. Here's a quote from a Fema press release: " The purpose of FEMA assistance is to restore a dwelling to safe, sanitary and secure condition based on the number of permanent occupants. It will not restore the entire dwelling to pre-disaster condition."  There is another small measure of relief available. WWL reports, You're entitled to a refund of state sales tax on those items.

"The state will reimburse you for the state sales tax you paid on any portion of destroyed property not reimbursed by insurance or disaster relief. The reimbursement applies to furniture, rugs, utensils, clothing, linens, televisions, cameras, toys, exercise equipment, books and even lawn mowers."  - John Neely Kennedy, La. Treasurer

Go to latreasury.com, and click on Sales Tax Disaster Relief for more details. I know it's not much, but a check in the mail beats getting a bill, any day.

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