If there is a fanbase that understands what the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series feels like, it would be New Orleans Saints fans.

After the Cubs threw the final out in a rain-delayed Game 7 that went extra innings, it was official—for the first time in over a century, the Chicago Cubs were World Champions. The drought wasn't nearly as long, but New Orleans Saints fans got the same feeling back in the 2009 season when the Black & Gold won their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Beyond the fair-weather fans that come and go with every sports program, the Saints and Cubs have both had a loyal fans who have stuck with their teams through good times and bad—and no matter how "bad" those times were (Saints bag years, anyone?) those loyal fans kept the faith that one day they could see their team win it all.

After the Cubs outlasted the Indians in extra innings to win their first World Series in 108 years, the Saints shared a video dubbed "Waiting Room Commercial" that featured fans representing sports franchises that have seemingly waited an eternity for their teams to win the "big one."


At the end of the ad—originally used to promote Saints season ticket sales back in 2005—there were only two people left; a Saints fan and a Cubs fan. Of course, the Saints went on to win their first Super Bowl just a few years later, so the caption the Saints posted with the video on Facebook was perfect.

"No one left in the waiting room. Congrats, Chicago Cubs."

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