Instead of team building, they went building.

Apparently canceling at least one OTA (Organized Team Activities) a year isn't all that uncommon. The Saints did just that. Well, sort of.

Don't worry, fans. They're not throwing all of their workout, football time away. They have their final OTA tomorrow, and a mandatory three day mini-camp next week, and still three months until the season starts.

While the OTA's usually consist of football related activities, this one took the team, and split them into groups for a scavenger hunt around the city of New Orleans.

Chase Daniel had a video up on his Instagram account about the scavenger hunt, but it's since been taken down.

Random people around the city have posted to social media about seeing the players around the city on the hunt, though.

To me, this is a great idea. It takes the team out of the confines of the training facility, and gives them the whole city to bond together. This seems like it would be a good idea for team moral, but also, for the city.

Can you imagine being a Saints fan, and see Drew Brees, or Michael Thomas, or Mark Ingram dancing in Jackson Square, and just wondering what the hell was going on? That would be an amazing experience for the fans along with the team.

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