Slidell, La. (KPEL) - 23-year-old Richard Boudreaux of Slidell walked into local Slidell restaurant Kenney's Seafood yesterday with theft on his mind. Upon realizing he could be easily identified by the restaurant's security cameras, Boudreaux, a former disgruntled employee of the seafood establishment, decided to improvise.

Boudreaux donned a 5-gallon bucket to mask his face from the security cameras. After robbing the restaurant, the criminal mastermind decided to head to a pawnshop because he reportedly wanted to steal a gun before the new gun control laws were passed.

Unfortunately for Boudreaux, police caught the bucket-headed-bandit before he was able to enter the pawnshop.

Check out the video below courtesy of WWL-TV to see this master of disguise in action.