We've certainly been hearing a lot about levee slides in the news in recent weeks. No, levee slides aren't a wet and wild way to cool off on a hot summer day. They are something far more serious, or at least they can be if action is not taken promptly.

Over the weekend official in the town of Henderson noticed that a portion of the west side of the levee near I-10 was beginning to look unstable. That's when tarps and sandbags were brought in to cover the levee structure and help provide some stability to the topsoil.

Mayor Pro-Tem Jody Meche told KATC Television:

The temporary fixes that we're looking at right now are going to be in place probably for quite a few months, several months. I would say during the late summer, early fall through the fall period, the more permanent fix is going to take place when the waters recede.

As we mentioned, this year has already seen reports of numerous slides along the levees that help define the Atchafalaya Basin. If you're wondering about the structural integrity of the levees, that appears to be just fine. However, if these slides are not addressed in a timely manner the slides certainly could lead to issues in the future.





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