Julius Caeser didn't really care for the Ides of March. However, some lucky lottery player in Louisiana would certainly be excited to tell their friends and family about their experience on the Ides of September. Okay, if you're not up on your Shakespeare as it applies to the lottery, let me explain. There was a $50,000 Powerball winner sold for the September 15th drawing. And that ticket most likely belongs to a resident of South Louisiana.

Here is what we know about this past Wednesday's drawing. There was no big jackpot winner so this Saturday when the next Powerball game is played someone will have a chance to win an estimated $457 million. Yeah, that's just a few million away from being half a billion dollars. So, I would expect people to start paying more attention to the Powerball, especially this weekend.

The numbers that were drawn this past Wednesday, September 15th were:

01   04   18   46   62   Powerball 25  Powerplay X3

The $50,000 winner matched four of the five white-ball numbers and the Powerball. The player did not opt-in on the Powerplay option. If they had, we'd be talking about a $150,000 winner. But, hey, $50,000 is a nice chunk of change.

Google Maps/ Google Streetview
Google Maps/ Google Streetview

According to the Louisiana Lottery's Big Wins in Louisiana page, the ticket was sold in Kinder Louisiana. The ticket was purchased at the Kinder Quickstop right there on Highway 165. So, if you stopped in and picked up a Powerball ticket you'll want to certainly check your numbers.

Now there is still a lot of Lottery money left for you to win tonight. The Mega Millions drawing is set to go for 9:59 tonight. That jackpot is $405 million. And based on "my unique brand of lottery math" both Powerball and Mega Millions are due to have big winners this weekend.

In fact, I was actually a little surprised that both Powerball and Mega Millions haven't already had big jackpot winners. Just using some basic probability formulas they usually get winners in these games by this point. This is why a combined jackpot of almost one billion dollars is so exciting.

But don't let the excitement rule your common sense. Only play if you can afford to lose and if you or a loved one needs help with a gambling problem, that help is available.

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