COVID-19 is still posing potential health threats around the world. As the state, local, and federal agencies work to provide vaccinations doctors are learning more and more each day about the disease and the after-effects of a COVID-19 diagnosis. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta has now officially designated the symptoms suffered by many after a positive COVID diagnosis as Post COVID Conditions.

Among the symptoms recognized as being associated with Post COVID Conditions are shortness of breath, anxiety and depression, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, headaches, and incontinence. As you see these issues are not the normal kinds of issues you might normally see following a viral illness such as seasonal flu.

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State Health Officer Joe Kanter says that about 80% of the people infected by COVID-19 have reportedly experienced at least one of the symptoms we've mentioned above following their coronavirus diagnosis. Dr. Kanter says your symptoms qualify for Post COVID Conditions if you get them for up to a month or longer after you were thought to have recovered.

While most people who have experienced the symptoms of Post COVID Conditions say they are not pleasant, they have been able to work through the issues without the need for further medical treatment. However, Dr. Kanter says about 25% of those who have reported symptoms consistent with Post COVID Conditions have required further medical treatment.

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Dr. Kanter was also very quick to relate that the severity of your COVID experience apparently has very little to do with whether or not you'll experience Post COVID Conditions. Doctors have noted that many patients who have reported the symptoms say they had very mild symptoms when they were diagnosed or they were asymptomatic.

What can you do about Post COVID Conditions? Dr. Kanter says the best treatment is to get vaccinated so you will be less likely to contract the disease. However, if you've already had COVID it's a good idea to stay in contact with your primary care physician and report any and all symptoms you might be experiencing.


By the way, if you need even more of an incentive to get your COVID vaccination the state is offering cash money, up to $1 million dollars. If you have had at least one dose of vaccine you qualify. You can get all the details here.

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