There is an episode of the Golden Girls that taught us all to never look down, what happens to your face will scare you.

In an episode of the Golden Girls, Dorothy (Bea Arthur) tries to explain to Blanche (Rue McClanahan) at their age, if you hold out a mirror and lean over to see your reflection, the image would not be pretty.  Blanche didn't believe it could be that bad, so she tried it for herself.  Dorothy was right, Blanche couldn't believe her eyes.

After seeing that episode, I of course had to try it for myself.  I thought maybe it was just a made-up television story.  Well it's not!  What you see looking back at you, will astound you.  The deterioration usually starts in our 30's, gets much more noticeable in our 40's and goes downhill from there.  Lack of collagen and elasticity is the cause.  Lotions and skin care products certainly help you to look younger, but there comes a time when the mirror can't hide the bold truth.

Warning, if you decide to try this, don't say I didn't warn you.

Golden Girls (The Mirror)


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