YouTube channel Fearless & Far recently came down to Opelousas to meet Skeeter Ray, also known as "The Godfather of the Bayou". The out-of-towners were hoping to get some authentic, delicious Cajun food and, they did...but when they least expected it, they got much more.

Fearless and Far YouTube Skeeter Ray Louisiana
YouTube Via Fearless and Far

YouTube's Fearless & Far Visit Opelousas, Louisiana

Mike Corey, host of YouTube's "Fearless & Far" has set out on numerous adventures all over the world.

According to the Fearless & Far website, Corey's travels take him to some incredibly interesting places as he focuses on "the bizarre attractions and unique cultures of the world."

Corey first saw Skeeter Ray, Godfather of the Bayou on the TV show "Rat Bastards" and knew Skeeter was someone he had to talk to.

Recently, Mike Corey's dream came true when he and his crew traveled to hang out with Skeeter Ray in Opelousas.

Fearless & Far Louisiana
YouTube Via Fearless and Far

Corey and his film crew are greeted with open arms and Cajun hospitality, just as you would expect.

Skeeter first cooks the crew some delicious alligator and frog gravy, which the travelers waste no time digging in to enjoy.

Later, Skeeter, whose real name is Jack M. Landry, fires up the pot for a crawfish boil as any self-respecting Cajun would.

He even shares his secret crawfish boiling method of "shocking" the crawfish with ice to make them soak up the seasoning.

Editor's Note - "Shocking" the crawfish is something I have only seen my father do and usually when I tell people about this technique they say they've never heard of anyone doing it. Gotta be honest, that part had me in my feels a little bit.

Ice On Crawfish
YouTube Via Fearless and Far

From there Skeeter and Mike Corey kick back and share some cold beers, cigars, and advice on life.

It's during these moments of advice and thoughts about life that the seemingly unlikely pair form a pretty touching bond.

From Fearless & Far via YouTube -

"Meet Skeeter Ray, the Godfather of the bayou. I found this human national treasure through a long search online to find the perfect person to show me some Cajun food. I landed on his doorstep and it felt like home."

Watch the full video below and enjoy.

Oh, and Skeeter...thank you so much for being such a great ambassador for our Cajun Culture.

(There's a little language here and there throughout the video, nothing horrible, just be aware if there are some little ones around)


In the second video, Skeeter gives his best advice on "chasing women & cooking squirrels."


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