It seems unbelievable, but a cat in Lake Charles, Louisiana, celebrated her 26th birthday over the weekend. She's the oldest we could find in Louisiana, but she's not the only 'Senior Feline' we found!

"She is 26 today which is equal to 121 in cat years. It's rare for a cat to live this long. She's doing really good though. Still gets around," said Collie Rouyer, Hobo's caretaker.   -KPLC TV

Hobo, the oldest cat we could find in Louisiana, is the inspiration for a cat shelter called the 'Hobo Hotel.'

But as it turns out, Hobo is not the only long-lived kitty...

'Ashley' lived to be 30

'Baby' lived to be 36

'Sheba' lived to be 38

If you know a cat who's older, send us their story or a link to them!