On Tuesday (March 20) it was announced that *NSYNC will be receiving a star on the legendary Walk of Fame in Hollywood on April 30, aka "It's Gonna Be May Day." And now it's confirmed that Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick will all be in attendance for the ceremony.

Once the news was made public, fans took to Twitter to ask about a possible reunion. "Will ALL *NSYNC members be there?" one eager fan asked, to which the boy band's official account responded, "Yes we will!"

The last time the five members were seen publicly together was in 2013, when they served as ushers at Kirkpatrick's wedding. However, anyone who thinks this reunion could mean new music in the future, don't get your hopes up. Long before the Walk of Fame Star ceremony date was set, Bass crushed the dreams of fans by tweeting "Just to clarify. If people want to call the Walk Of Fame Star a 'reunion' then fine, but we have no plans on making any new music or tour."

Maybe when the five singers meet up they'll have a change of heart? We can only hope.

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