Football season can't come soon enough. For some people, the Hall of Fame game marks the beginning of the most beautiful season in sports.

The Packers and Colts were all ready to go Sunday night, but the most important part of the equations wasn't prepared: the field. According to the Milwaulkee Journal Sentinal's Tom Silverstein, a major mistake was made.

Poor field conditions, reportedly caused by the wrong paint being applied to the Hall of Fame logo at midfield and wording in the end zone, threatened to end this game before it got started.

They used the wrong paint? With months to prepare for a single game, they couldn't find the right paint to use? It's almost hilarious, but the NFL must be furious.

Even a meaningless preseason game draws solid viewership for the football. The first preseason game marks the start of football, and the Hall of Fame Game usually gets good ratings (considering the quality of football on display).

What a bummer. It might not be real football, but watching guys run around in pads and helmets on a Sunday would be a welcome sight.

Oh well. We all have to wait a little longer to rekindle our football addiction.  Whoever picked out the paint for the Hall of Fame game will be watching from his couch like the rest of us.

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