I am aware that my experience with COVID-19 is what some would consider a "great" experience because 1) I didn't die, and 2) my symptoms weren't severe enough to require hospitalization. It wasn't a pleasant experience and, in fact, it was worse than any time I've had the flu, so I do not recommend trying to contract the virus. When I compare my experience to the experience of others, I consider myself very lucky, especially since I am in a high-risk category (I have lung health issues).

It was on the 8th day after being exposed to the coronavirus that every symptom was gone except for the fatigue. After doing some research, I found that there are people who have recovered from the coronavirus who experience fatigue for weeks after their other symptoms subside, so I am prepared to nap if needed. I just want to feel 100% again.

I did lose some Facebook "friends" along this COVID journey, though. When I encouraged people to distance, wash/sanitize, and wear a mask, some took issue with what they perceived to be their civil liberties being challenged/limited. Then, after private message conversations, they decided to "unfriend" me on social media.

This next statement is not a political statement, it is a scientific statement, and I will provide sources to back it up: wearing masks helps mitigate the spread of viruses. Does it stop the spread? No. But, when you combine masks with proper hygiene and social distancing, it greatly decreases your chances of contracting COVID-19 and other airborne viruses. (SOURCES: Mayo Clinic, FOX News)

With that being said, I wish you good health, and would never wish COVID-19 on anyone.

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