Since the government officially shut down on October 1, much has been made of the nationwide impact. Many federal programs have been temporarily shut down. Public memorials and national parks have shut their doors. Thousands of government employees are either completely out-of-work, or are being forced to accept furloughed wages, but one small impact of the federal shutdown has until now been completely overlooked.

Who is going to cut the grass?

Enter, Chris Cox, a 45-year-old American who decided to take matters into his own hands by picking-up trash, blowing off trails, and cutting grass around memorials in Washington.

A cell phone photo of Cox cutting the grass at the Lincoln Memorial while holding a South Carolina flag went viral after being posted to social media sites Twitter and Reddit.

In an interview with All-News 99.1, Cox explained his actions:

I figured out that I could play a… valuable role as a janitor, if you will. So I started cleaning up the overflowing trash cans. I bought a blower and I’ve been blowing all of the trails, and today I cut the grass out here. - Chris Cox

Cox says his actions aren't politically motivated. He's just doing what he feels needs to be done to show respect for the soldiers that gave their lives for our country.

[Via TheBlaze]

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