Earlier this week, we revisited a Lafayette kidnapping that was featured on the CBS series Rescue 911.

Long story short: On Father's Day 1987, Denise Gulledge left her six-month-old daughter Missy in her brand new car while paying for gas at a station on the Evangeline Thruway near I-10. While Denise's back was turned, someone jumped into her car and took off down the Thruway with Missy still strapped into her car seat. After a nearly two-hour search, a couple, Sanders and Thelma Wyatt, found Missy in a ditch in rural St. Martin Parish and called authorities. Four years later, Rescue 911 aired a reenactment of the story during one of its episodes.

But what happened to Denise and Missy after the kidnapping? How did the kidnapping affect their lives and how they parent their children?

The answer is simple: Denise and Missy have made it a point never to let their children out of their sight. They've also made it their mission to warn other parents of the dangers of leaving their children unattended in cars and in other locations.

We had the chance to speak with Denise and Missy by phone on Thursday. In our interview, Denise discussed her memories of the day Missy was kidnapped, how it shaped their lives, their relationship with the family that rescued Missy, and their lives today. They also said they would like to reconnect with members of the Wyatt Family. If you or someone you know can help us put the Gulledges in touch with the Wyatts, email news@kpel965.com.

Here's part one of the interview.

Here's part two.

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