Attorney General Jeff Landry today announced the arrests of six more people in connection with their alleged roles in the bribery scandal at the Lafayette District Attorney's Office.

“As Louisiana Attorney General, I will do all I can to end public corruption,” said General Landry. “The federal government has had to step in many times to help enforce these laws and protect the public. The federal government should not, and will not, be alone in this mission under my administration.”

"Under my watch, we will enforce state ethics laws and not just rely upon the federal government to take the lead on this issue," continued General Landry. "The people of Louisiana should know government officials, elected and appointed, are accountable for their actions."

In 2013, five people were implicated. Of them was the private investigator who was the mastermind behind the scheme, Robert Williamson, former ADA Greg Williams and former District Attorney Mike Harson's administrator, Barna Haynes.
Below are the six announced arrests:
Kevin Ozene - former Deputy Clerk of Court for Lafayette Parish who is charged with injury of public records and malfeasance in office
Christopher Luke Edwards and Dan Kenison - both defense attorneys who are charged with corrupt influencing, criminal conspiracy and accessory after the fact
Justin Ina - a probation officer who is charged with malfeasance in office.
Kenneth Franques - a former Deputy City Marshal was arrested for public bribery. He now works in Maurice.
Joyce Trahan - a manager in the Lafayette branch State Office of Motor Vehicles who was arrested for malfeasance in office and criminal conspiracy.
"While federal authorities took action to complete their portion of this problem, those stemming from federal law violations, the state under the previous administration did not complete its actions under state law,” said General Landry, “These arrests are part of my review to ensure those who have committed actions of public corruption see the results of their actions. The actions taken today are part of my review of the Louisiana Department of Justice; from ongoing court cases, to unfinished investigations, to cases awaiting actions.”
"Again, all investigations started under a previous administration are under review. I will continue to take action where it is appropriate and I will continue to do all that I can to make our communities safer," concluded General Landry.

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