The couple that acts on the same sitcom together, stays together!

Newly-engaged and insanely attractive duo Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who acted together on the small screen for several seasons of 'That '70s Show,' will reunite onscreen when Kunis guests on her fiance's show 'Two and a Half Man.'

The Kunis-starring episode will air later this season. The exact Thursday airdate of the stunning actress' guest spot has not been confirmed. But judging from the plot details, you will not want to miss this ep!

Kunis will play Vivian, described by CBS as a "young, beautiful, free-spirited traveler." She will instantly connect with Kutcher's Walden. In an instance of art imitating life, Walden will even think that Vivian is "the one" but he's got a kerfluffle to deal with. He is about to propose to someone else. Oh, boy!

It will be exciting to see Kunis and Kutcher back on the small screen together. We've already witnessed their electrifying chemistry on their previous show, which clearly bled over into real life.

Kunis' film career is moving right along. Her next movie is 'Jupiter Ascending,' starring Channing Tatum. She has been replaced by Amanda Seyfried as the female lead in the sequel to 'Ted,' though.

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