Mayor LaToya Cantrell of New Orleans said in a press conference today that she feels the state of Louisiana is on track to have the Superdome filled with Saints fans this Fall.

Mayor Cantrell, along with Governor John Bel Edwards, were at a press conference today to discuss the Men's Final Four college basketball event that is happening in NOLA in 2022.

Check out a photo from the press conference below via @RodWalkerNola

In the press conference, the subject of conversation eventually came to the New Orleans Saints. Check out what Mayor Cantrell had to say below.

A great sign of optimism from the New Orleans Mayor, as the #WhoDatNation anxiously awaits their first opportunity to once again pack out the Superdome to support their Saints.

This message comes after NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell recently expressed his belief that NFL stadiums around the country would be filled with fans for the upcoming season.

With New Orleans continuing to progress through the coronavirus pandemic, all New Orleans Saints fans want is a seat in the Superdome this season. While Mayor Cantrell has had some pretty strict guidelines for her city re-opening, the optimism behind the progress Louisiana has made is clear in what NOLA's Mayor had to say at this press conference.

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