Imagine this:  you are out on a date with a guy that you recently met, taking a romantic walk through a park after a nice dinner, when from the bushes comes a man dressed in black, armed with a knife!!  "You can go, but your girlfriend stays" is all the attacker said before you run off to call 911. 

When your date catches up to you, he tells you that he "fought off" the attacker, and all is now well.  The police show up and scour the area (with K-9 units!), but there is no sign of the attacker.

This was the scene in Jonesboro, Arkansas recently, and it was all faked:  the man was trying to impress his date, so he coordinated with a friend to have that friend act as an attacker.  Jeffrey Siegel's plan got out of hand really fast when the police showed up, and, after that night, thought that all was well.  All was well, that is, until police continued to question the date about what happened that night.

She remembered that Siegel had been acting a little strange and texting frequently in the minutes leading up to the "attack".  When the police questioned Siegel again (with the promise of no charges being filed), Siegel fessed-up to the plan.

The date, by the way, was not impressed.

(Via Yahoo)