The 'Honeymoon Phase' of this marriage was over as soon as it started. Literally.

A man was arrested while on his honeymoon after he solicited an undercover cop for sex, while his new bride was asleep in the hotel room. I wish I was making this up.

34-year-old Paul Turovsky answered an ad for sex made by one of the Hillsborough County Police Officers in Florida. Sheriff Chad Chronister says that Turovsky left his new bride asleep in their hotel room and traveled to another, in hopes of picking up a prostitute. Yikes.

Instead, Turovsky finds himself in the middle of a large sting targeting human trafficking. He was one of 176 people arrested over a months-long period operation.

Why? Why even get married? There's no word on if the wife left him, which I really really hope she does or will. You're married less than a week, and you're out here trolling for prostitutes?? The phrase "make it make sense" is flashing in giant neon letters in my head right now.

Sheriff Chronister brought up a good point, as crazy as it sounds.

"I know we all probably have questions about how long this marriage lasted, but I think the only question here, with it ending so quickly, as a wedding guest — was it too late to get the gifts that they gave returned back to them?"

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