MacKenzie Bourg announced today that he was in first place for the "Kickstarter of the Year"...

MacKenzie Bourg, Lafayette native and "The Voice" contestant, announced today that he was up for "Kickstarter of the Year" for the Shorty Awards, which honor the best of social media.

MacKenzie used a Kickstarter last year to help raise funds for his latest project, the "Everyone's Got A Story" EP.  A total of 224 people made donations, enough to reach Mac's goal of $15,000, making his project a reality.  Mac is now up for the Shorty Awards for his social media campaign to reach his goal.  According to the Shorty Awards' website, factors considered for the award include:

  • Quality and originality of content on all social media platforms
  • Innovation in using social media in new ways
  • Impact on the world
  • Engagement with followers, fans, friends and critics
  • Support received through passionate Shorty nominations

The way to "vote" is to Tweet MacKenzie's nomination (of course!!  It's social media!).  When the link opens, you'll need to put in your reason for voting for Mac... easy, squeezy, right?

Go vote for MacKenzie Bourg (do it now), and help this up-and-coming star make it big!!  And don't forget to "Like" and "Follow" Mac on Facebook!


MacKenzie Bourg Shorty Awards (Facebook)
MacKenzie Bourg Shorty Awards (Facebook)

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