LSU is highlighting their haters after one of the most memorable Tiger victories in recent memory.

It's no secret that this has been a challenging season for the LSU Tigers football program. From COVID-19 and injuries to defensive woes and players opting out, it's hard to lay the blame on just one thing.

Oh, and did I mention that part about losing a TON of players from last year's championship team who are now shining in the NFL?

The seemingly dysfunctional Tigers team wasn't given a shot by ANYONE heading into The Swamp to face #6 Florida and then they did the unthinkable. LSU upset Florida 37-34 and there was literally no shortage of theatrics throughout the entire game.

Someone even threw a shoe!

The Florida Gators ran into a young LSU team with nothing to lose and everything to prove and the Tigers got the last laugh on everyone who doubted them.

LSU fans instantly took to Twitter, calling out all the ESPN guys who doubted their chances, but LSU's media team took the pettiness one level higher and dropped an actual highlight video featuring the analysts over a supercut of game footage, backed by the soundtrack of Jack Harlow's "What's Poppin?"

One could argue that LSU is putting way too much energy into this one win after their atrocious season, but if this is the energy that the team needed to galvanize then so be it.

It was still funny to see some who bet against LSU take their licks in stride.

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