We're learning more about last week's incident involving teachers who were dismissed early from Judice Middle School in Lafayette Parish. The uproar spilled over to social media with many commenters slamming the district for investigating the teachers. Justin Centanni, a LPSS board member, spoke to Acadiana's Morning News and clarified some of the details of the complaint. Centanni said the school bus was contracted by the teachers and they were reportedly going bar to bar on Wednesday afternoon. Parents alerted the school board and the investigation was launched.

A press release from the school board originally said teachers were being chauffeured around on a school bus after leaving campus early. Centanni admits the initial release was too vague and says he understands the initial outrage.

From LPSS: Staff members of the Lafayette Parish School System’s Central Office are investigating reports that a group of teachers at a middle school were dismissed early on May 25, 2016, to celebrate the end of the school year. Witnesses reported that the teachers were chauffeured to local restaurants aboard a school bus owned by a contract driver. May 25 was the final work day for teachers to complete reports and wrap up paperwork. No students were in attendance that day. This is a personnel matter and a recommendation will be made to the superintendent regarding disciplinary action.

Centanni says he does not necessarily disagree with teachers getting out of school early when the work is complete. The biggest problem is the fact that they were on a school bus and posting pictures online.

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