Cajun Navy

As soon as flood waters began to rise in the Houston area, volunteer rescuers joined the teams of law enforcement and Texas Task Force 1 officials. It brought back a ton of memories from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita here in Louisiana when the group later known as the "Cajun Navy" tried (unsuccessfully in some cases) to rescue stranded residents.

Well, that team has now grown to thousands of unofficial members and they are heading to Texas to help with rescues there. During coverage of the flooding from KTRK ABC 13 in Houston, a volunteer rescuer said he was told not to worry about registering his boat with authorities. They apparently need anyone with a boat and are asking good samaritans to help rescue.

Most people in the Houston aread did not evacuate ahead of the storm because landfall was hundreds of miles south of them. No evacuation orders were given in the area, because the rain potential is so hard to predict. Now the city is working with highly trained rescuers and members of the public who want to help. Kudos to you!

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