A Louisiana State Trooper's takedown (and subsequent arrest) of a man on Bourbon street was posted to Facebook where viewers debated whether or not he used excessive force.

The video opens up with the officer speaking with two men who seem to be intoxicated. One man has a tear in his shirt, indicating that he may have been involved in some sort of fight or scuffle before the officer approached him.

The officer seemingly gives the men the opportunity to "take a walk," as they continue to question him and plead their case. One of the men is heard saying that he could "press charges." It is unclear what he would be pressing charges for, but it may be related to something that happened prior to when the videographer began recording.

Facebook user Joshua Plauche didn't offer many details in his caption (above) but the internet has been in a tizzy with some believing the officer showed excessive force, while others commended him for a job well done.

Sources at the Bourbon Street bar say the men were intoxicated and had been kicked out multiple times, but kept trying to re-enter the establishment when police were made aware of the situation.

According to WWL, Louisiana State Police are aware of the video and are looking into the incident.

After watching the video, what are your thoughts?

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