You may have wondered is there really going to be a silver lining surrounding this dark cloud that we've called COVID-19 for more than a year? Well, apparently there is. The recipient of that "silver lining" is going to be our state's schoolchildren. And that "silver lining" will show up in the form of about $190 million dollars for Louisiana's K-12th grade schools presented by the Louisiana Lottery.

The Louisiana Lottery is poised to have its best year ever in its 30-year history. Now, you might be wondering how is all of that possible when you consider the hardships many in our state have gone through and are still going through at the hands of COVID-19 and the pandemic it created.

Well, think of it like this. All of the casinos were closed for a good portion of last year. So where Louisiana's video poker truck stops too. That meant that the lottery was truly the only game in town and Louisiana's players didn't miss a beat. Fortunately, for the Lottery, grocery stores and convenience stores were allowed to remain open during the statewide restrictions. This was just one of the many reasons why the Lottery and its retailers had such a good year. 

Now it also didn't hurt that the legislature eased some of the budgetary transfer mandates associated with the Lottery. This made it possible for them to offer more money into the top prizes. How big were the prizes? Well, last year there was a Mega Millions payout of over a billion dollars on a single ticket, and Powerball had a jackpot that topped $730 million.

Let's just hope that schools around the state will be able to utilize some of that $190 million coming from the lottery to help our students find the silver lining in the pandemic as well. All in all, it does look as if this year's fiscal year for the lottery has turned out to truly be a win/win situation for everyone.

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