I come from a generation where the threat being paddled in school was a tactic used to keep kids in line. Was it the right thing to do then? Is it the right thing to do now? That "thing" is corporal punishment, aka paddling.

There are two schools of thought on this issue. Spare the rod, spoil the child or violence never solves anything. The full House of Representatives will take on that debate as part of this legislative session.

Back in the stone age when I was in school, it wasn't really the threat of paddling that kept me in line. It was the thought of the punishment I would receive at home for misbehaving so badly in school that I had to be disciplined. That was a different time obviously.

Currently, only 38 of Louisiana's 69 public school districts allow corporal punishment. Since the policy is split roughly 50/50 throughout the state I wonder which school districts perform better and have fewer disciplinary issues? Is it the paddlers or the non-paddlers?

I doubt anyone in the House would bother to look into that but just in case one of our esteemed representatives happens to read this it might offer a little more insight into the reality of corporal punishment.

I do wonder this, what disciplinary measures actually work in public schools to "help" those kids who were not raised to respect teachers and administrators? I don't believe they're bad kids, I believe their parents have simply done them a disservice by not teaching them respect. It's funny those are the same parents who seem to be the most riled when they feel disrespected.  Oh, the irony.

Also, is allowing these disruptions fair for students who are playing by the rules? Those kids and parents who understand that respect for teachers and administrators helps the education experience. Everyone seems to be concerned about how to handle the ne're do wells as opposed to asking how can we make this a good place to learn for the kids that cherish the opportunity.

Regardless, the House wants schools to raise your kids for you. No matter what side of the issue that you choose to support somebody is going to be disappointed in the outcome.

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