If you've ever been to the Fremont Street area of Las Vegas, you've no doubt seen the Downtown Container Park. It's billed as an open-air area for boutique shopping, restaurants, and live entertainment for the whole family. But what most people might remember is the gigantic metal praying mantis that is situated in front of the entrance to the park. It's....pretty imposing. It is one of many container parks that are popping up all across the USA.

Well, now Louisiana is getting our very first container park, and it will be located in the Mid City neighborhood of Baton Rouge. The area is quite the hot spot for up and coming businesses and is known for its unique local and regional arts culture. Millennial Park will be at 3817 Florida Blvd., and according to Louisiana Weekend, it "acquires old shipping containers from a New Orleans shipping dock and re-purposes them into dining vendors." The containers are dropped off directly at the park in Baton Rouge, and are colorfully decorated to represent different aspects of our state and regional culture. (Be sure to check out the amazing Louisiana mural in the park while you're there) There are several vendors already in place, Jive Turkey, Memphis Mac BBQ, and Royal Taste of Jamaica. More dining options are on the horizon, though.

According to the president and CEO of Millennial Park, Cameron Jackson, the up and coming outdoor area will also be available for special events and catering. Check out the cool video about the park from Louisiana Weekend below.



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