How safe are you really online? I am willing to bet most of us would answer " I don't know". While that's an issue we all need to address on a personal level just imagine if you were tasked with keeping our nation's energy supply chain safe from would-be hackers and malicious viruses. Oh yeah, you're also responsible for making sure our nation's cyber connections with our various Caribbean partners remain sound.

That's exactly what Nascent Technologies Corporation located on the LSU campus has been tasked with doing. The company was just awarded two contracts totaling nearly $5 million dollars from the Defense Department.

Cyber threats on a personal a national level are escalating on an exponential basis. Having companies in  Louisiana who not only have the technology but the brain power to thwart those attacks is crucial to our American way of life.

With South Louisiana fast becoming known around the world for its high-speed internet capabilities and university programs to train and educate students in this field you can bet that economic opportunities such as this one will be more plentiful in the future.

So maybe that kid who spends all his time playing video games or messing around on the computer will be able to take that knowledge to a higher and more important level in the future. Who knows, maybe the ability to save "the princess" today could save our nation tomorrow.



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