Lafayette's Team Phenomena 3616, is headed this week to the Arkansas Rock City Regional FIRST Robotics competition, then they're off to New Orleans for the Bayou Regional (which they won last year, sending them to the international championship in St. Louis, Missouri!) The team is based at Comeaux and is composed of students from Lafayette High, Comeaux and the Home School Group. They 'bagged and tagged' their robot at 11:59 PM on Mardi Gras night and they won't see it again until the Load In in Arkansas on Wednesday, March 4, 2015.

This year's game is called 'Recycle Rush'; the robots must stack totes, cap the stacks with recycling containers, and properly dispose of litter.  FIRST combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology, allowing students to learn from professional engineers, build and compete with a robot they design themselves, and compete regionally, nationally and internationally. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to qualify for over $20 million in college scholarships! I've been a volunteer for FIRST for a few years now, and it truly amazes me to see what incredible things our young people can do when presented with a challenge and some wonderful mentors! Good luck Team Phenomena 3616. See y'all at the Bayou Regional!

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