(UPDATED STORY) August 27: 24-year-old Marquis Givens, a suspect in the shooting of a woman on Martin Luther King Drive on August 18th, is now behind bars after a joint effort by law enforcement agencies.

Agents with the United States Marshal Service Violent Offender Task Force, along with help from Morgan City Police and the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office, were able to track down the Lafayette man to a residence in Morgan City. It was there that Givens was arrested on a warrant for attempted first degree murder and aggravated criminal damage to property. He has been booked into the St. Mary Parish Jail.

Fortunately, the female victim survived the incident.


(ORIGINAL STORY) August 18: An overnight shooting sends a female to the hospital and Lafayette Police are working a lead to catch the alleged shooter.

According to a press release, Lafayette Police responded to the 800 block of Martin Luther King Drive around 1:30 Thursday morning to find the victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Fortunately, her injuries are non-life-threatening and was treated at a local hospital for her injuries.

Google Maps/Google Streetview
Google Maps/Google Streetview (Generic Photo of Martin Luther King Drive

Lafayette Police say the suspect was told to leave the apartment before the shooting happened. The suspect is said to have left the apartment but then came back and fired several shots at the victim's apartment.

Authorities continue to investigate.

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