FestiVELO was its name, and it was held yesterday at Parc Sans Souci.  New bikes, old bikes, long bikes and short bikes, they were all represented yesterday (except for the original bicycle, wtih that HUGE front wheel and little teetiny back wheel).  The festival took place on the same weekend as Cycle Zydeco, with many of those riders attending!  LATRAIL was one of the sponsors of the event.

Bike Fest 8

I was first alerted that the festival was coming a few weeks ago, on Facebook.  I "Liked" the Sunday Mass page, just to keep up with the group (the first chance I have had to ride with them was yesterday, a day they decided to do a 'short' ride).  Someone in the group mentioned the event, so I looked it up and realized that this is something in which I wanted to take part!

Bike Fest 6
Even the tykes enjoyed the event!

There was food (delicious jambalaya!), beverages (hic), music, and lots and lots of bicycles!

Sunday Mass(ers)
The Sunday Mass crew, ready to ride to Girard Park.

Several organizations and businesses were represented, all trying to raise bicycle and bicycle safety awareness, and sharing the joys of cycling!

Check out the rest of the pictures below:


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