Want to know where to stay, play, eat and shop in Lafayette, Louisiana? The new Lafayette app includes all that plus events and services. It's available for iPhone and Android and it's described as "the ideal way for leisure and business travelers to effortlessly plan and navigate their Lafayette experience with an online destination guide, interactive map of the area, and access to valuable special offers from industry partners." The application was custom-designed for the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission. Ben Berthelot, Executive Director of LCVC promises, "we have more technology offerings on the way.”

The iPhone application can be downloaded for free by visitors from Apple’s iTunes Store. The system’s GPS capabilities turn the visitor’s device into a Mobile ConciergeTM making it easy to find nearby attractions, hotels, restaurants and money-saving offers anytime and anywhere. Using VisitMobile’s exclusive Virtual LocationTM feature, visitors may also explore different areas of Lafayette by selecting any point of interest on the embedded map to visualize what is around them. The solution includes a Favorites section, where points of interest, offers and promotions may be conveniently saved and shared with friends.

--from LCVV


To get it, just go to the iTunes store or Google Play and search "Lafayette Travel."



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