Lace shorts for men are here, and I'm really not sure how to feel about them.

I mean, I wasn't wild about the RompHim, but I could totally see how some guys would put one on for fun—especially party environments that call for comfort. But this? Lace shorts for dudes? This is something different.

Sparkie Baby Official uploaded a photo of three different pastel colored shorts being modeled by men wearing white socks and white sneakers. The IG owner asked men if they would wear the shorts and women if they would like to see their boyfriends or husbands wearing them.

Before you laugh at this, keep in mind that the business school students who posted a Kickstarter campaign for the RompHim saw hundreds of thousands of dollars of support in a matter of days, but is this something that can move the needle, too?

It is hot in south Louisiana, but I know a lot more guys who would rather sweat than put these on.

What's your take? Are the lace shorts for men a bit of a reach? Comment below now!

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