As Valentine's Day creeps closer, Kylie Jenner received some samples of her new Kylie Cosmetics holiday sets and decided to share them with followers on her Instagram story. Through a series of videos, she shows the packaging and explains the new lip products—matte color, gloss, and liner. It's all good and fine, until she gets to a photo that shows the name of the color, gloss, and liner. The first is "Built to Last." Okay, that's fine. However, the gloss is called "Story of Us" and the liner is called "Forever and Always." Um, WHAT?!

For those unaware, the latter two names are titles of Taylor Swift songs. For those extremely unaware, Kylie's big sister Kim Kardashian has been feuding with T-Swift for forever. Taking that into consideration, paired with the fact that "story of us" and "forever and always" are not common phrases, there's no way that was coincidental, right?


Although it seems like the young Jenner has to be throwing shade with her lip shade names, Kim recently told Andy Cohen that she's "over it" when asked about her beef with the pop star, which actually makes things even more confusing. But hey, maybe everyone is friendly and this is the olive branch. Maybe.

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