There is an unwritten, yet understood rule when it comes to weddings: all attention should be on the bride.

I honestly don't think I was ever told not to wear white at a wedding if I wasn't the bride, I just knew. Unless the invitation specifically says casual wear or if it's a beach wedding, just keep it simple and wallflower-esque.

Kendall Jenner may have not received that memo. She caused uproar on the internet as well as sparked conversations on what is appropriate to wear at weddings.

All because she showed up to a wedding reception in this...

attachment-kenny wedding

Yep, that's a dress. According to Buzzfeed, Kendall attended the wedding of her friend Lauren Perez last week. She, along with Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, took some photos in the bathroom at the reception (as girls do) and posted them to her Instagram stories.

As with everything a Kardashian/Jenner does or posts, the internet exploded.

As I stated earlier, wedding guests should know and acknowledge that the bride is the star of the show. No white, no black, no excess skin showing, etc. Many people echoed this sentiment on Twitter and took it a step further.

And I oop-

Now, Kendall was a bridesmaid in this wedding, so she didn't wear this as a guest or in the wedding. It begs the question - is this outfit even acceptable for a reception? Does it make it any less against the wedding rules?

South Louisiana has very much different wedding rules, I feel. You have to specify NO JEANS on your invitation, otherwise, Levi's and Wrangler's everywhere. Suit for guys, appropriate dresses (not short, not low cut) for girls. I've been to all types of weddings, but I am usually walking in them as a bridesmaid.


What would you do if someone showed up to your wedding dressed like this? Would there even be a friendship to save?

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