Gentlemen, start your engines.

At least that’s what you’ll do when you catch a peek of ‘Smash‘ star and ex-’American Idol‘ contestant Katharine McPhee‘s spread in GQ.

The brunette beauty cleans up nice in these shots, laying in a bath tub, showing off her shapely legs and staring at you seductively with black-rimmed eyes, as if you were the only one in the room. Kat poses in a manner that could melt the polar ice caps.

She did acknowledge how people will quickly compare ‘Smash’ to ‘Glee‘ because of the musical numbers. But she was quick to disassociate her show from the high school hit, saying, “You know, that’s a pretty heavy musical show. That show does, like, six songs in an episode. We’ll do, at most, three.” In the second episode she’ll be covering Florence + the Machine, as well as a Blondie hit.

She also joked that she goes commando in the fifth episode. But alas, ’twas just a cruel joke on her part. She said, “What if I tell your readers that in episode five I take off all my clothes?” Wait, does that actually happen?! “I mean… no. But can’t we just say that?”

Kat, you would’ve guaranteed yourself some ratings if you hadn’t revealed you were kidding.

Watch Katharine McPhee in the GQ Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Katharine McPhee