Our media partners and friends from the KATC Weather Lab will soon have a new doppler radar system and Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo posted a video from inside the dome that will house the tools.

KATC has removed their older radar system and the new doppler radar is about to be raised high above the station.

Rob Perillo FB
Rob Perillo FB

But have you ever seen what protects the instruments used to detect thunderstorms? A huge dome is put together to house the instruments and for the first time, we have an inside look at the dome.

I'll be honest with you, I have seen dopplers hoisted above the ground, but I had no idea how huge the domes are that protect the instruments inside of them.

According to Rob Perillo, "The radar dish, the largest in Acadiana, measures 14ft & will go inside the 18ft dome. When operational we’ll be “beaming” at 350,000 watts and getting storm resolution down to 16 meters!"

Now, let's take a look at the inside of this massive "Thunder Dome" and be sure to enjoy the commentary from one of our favorites, Rob Perillo.



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