Justin Bieber's in the headlines again (did he ever really leave, though?), and this time it's not about his relationship, or buying Demi Lovato's old house. It's about something much more personal: his eating habits.

On Thursday (October 25), the world changed forever when a photo of the pop star eating a burrito sideways infiltrated the internet and subsequently traumatized (most) everyone who was unfortunate enough to lay their eyes upon it.

If you haven't seen the horrifying picture yet, we advise you to avert your gaze because we're posting it below and it may be disturbing to you.

Who eats a burrito like that?! Some people blame the fact that Biebs is from Canada, though fellow Canadians have quickly debunked that theory by agreeing his habits are absurd, and quite frankly, unnerving. Others actually give props to the "Sorry" singer for doing his thing and getting to the good stuff from the get go. (We can all agree the first few tortilla-y bites of a burrito are less than satisfying.)

What do you think of Bieber's burrito eating technique? Let us know in the comments.

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