In an update to a previous story, two suspects have been arrested for intentionally setting a vehicle on fire at the Eagle Run Apartments. The incident occurred on Wednesday, June 19, not long after midnight, when Lafayette firefighters responded to a vehicle fire at 810 S. College Drive.

Upon arrival, firefighters found one vehicle fully engulfed in flames in the apartment complex's parking lot. The intense blaze quickly spread to two adjacent vehicles. Despite the swift response from the firefighters, three vehicles sustained significant fire damage before the flames were extinguished.

Following a thorough investigation, Lafayette fire investigators concluded that the vehicle fire was deliberately set. The investigation identified Judd Guilbeau, a 43-year-old white male, and Mariah Janik, a 35-year-old white female, as the primary suspects. Arrest warrants were subsequently obtained, charging both individuals with one count of Simple Arson and two counts of Criminal Damage to Property.

Last night, Guilbeau and Janik turned themselves in to the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center. The arrests bring some relief to Jessica Fontenot, the owner of the primary vehicle destroyed in the fire, who had been seeking justice and community assistance in identifying the culprits.

Fontenot's plea for help was shared widely on social media, as she shared the emotional impact of losing her cherished Ford Bronco, a vehicle she had invested significant time, energy, and money into.

The investigation into the vehicle fires remains ongoing. Authorities continue to gather information and encourage anyone with relevant details about the incident to contact the Lafayette Fire Department Investigations Division or Lafayette Crime Stoppers at 337.232.TIPS (8477).

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